The disinfection function consists in making materials and premises healthy in terms of bacterial contamination. This is a crucial challenge for the industries, for those who work there and for the protection of the final product and, therefore, for the consumer.

An effective and regular disinfection significantly decreases the amount of pathogens. It is essential to disinfect all surfaces, within these industries, to maintain the infectious risk to a strict minimum. The goal of this type of disinfection is to avoid any potential contamination of the final product which could possibly endanger the health of the end consumers. Considering that these environments have to comply to strict hygiene and health standards stated by the relevant regulatory agencies, it is therefore absolutely critical that these industries, and specifically for food and pharmaceutical companies, maintain the germ contamination level at safety minimum levels, beneath the legal thresholds.

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Pharmaceutical industry

Disinfection in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is a key and all-important link towards production. Within the pharmaceutical industry, disinfecting the manufacturing equipment is a necessity for the prevention of cross contamination. A disinfecting process following a strict protocol may prevent any potential consumer contamination.