Andy Wright

Andy Wright
Hotel Services Manager
Broomfield Hospital

Cleaning never used to be much of a science? But it’s no longer just all about rubber gloves and mops and buckets. Domestic services are moving into a new area, led by infection prevention.
The 6% hydrogen peroxide concentration was of particular reassurance from a health and safety point of view, in terms of lower risk and nervousness amongst staff around the use of chemicals.
In the context of the overall turnaround time of patient rooms, is not that long and provides the right reassurance to patients.
We have two decontamination systems permanently in the burns unit and they instill confidence in patients, relatives and careers. Patients are continually asking us about cleanliness; it’s good to be able to reassure them that we are doing our upmost to protect them.
The use of GLOSAIR at Broomfield has really elevated our profile and differentiates us from other local hospitals that do not regularly use area decontamination as a way of preventing and controlling outbreaks of HAIs. We have been asked to share our knowledge and experience of area decontamination with neighboring PCTs who are also eager to understand how this complementary resource might benefit them.
Standard infection control procedures will always be important but, for me, area decontamination is the icing on the cake.